Living Yes Seminars

Open to all - If you are interested in enrolling in a Living Yes seminar, please contact Mark to add your name to the waiting list.

Taught over two weekends, Sat 9:00 - 5:00, Sun 9:00 - 4:00
After each weekend, there will be an optional Wednesday evening meditation and conversation.
(When enough participants have registered, the weekends will be scheduled.  To express interest, please contact Mark.)

Course Description:  

Weekend One: Learning from Life

In part one of the Living Yes seminar, you will be introduced to the idea of what Living Yes means though lectures, demonstrations, individual and small group work.  At the conclusion of the weekend, you will be aware of how to recognize when you are Living Yes or stuck in No, how limitations are useful, and how to step back and see how your thoughts and your self are two different things.  You will have tools which you may use to examine those thoughts rather than being ruled by them.

Typical topics for weekend one:
Being human.  Expectations.  The past is gone.  Ways to play.  Acceptance.  Dynamically Living Yes.  Four stages of moving from No to Yes.  Setting boundaries.  Control roles.  The voice in your head.  The four thinking traps.  Thought records.  Alternative thoughts.  What is a feeling?  Thoughts, feelings, and truth.  The moment model.  Where do No's come from?  Getting back to Yes.  The Living Yes Principles (introduced). 

Weekend Two: Stepping Up

In part two of the Living Yes seminar, you will grow in your understanding of how to Live Yes.  You will apply the thinking techniques from the first weekend to larger challenges with greater depth.  You will learn how to identify and take control of your destiny.  You will begin to create a safe, peaceful, and sacred space which will grow as you continue to master Living Yes.

Typical topics for weekend two:
The Living Yes Principles (reviewed).  Anger.  Anxiety and Stress.  Compassion.  The looping trap.  Creative looping.  Avoidance.  Changing from No to Yes.  The eight core lies.   Big judgment.  Habits.  False payoffs.  Pain.  Free will.  Destiny in action.  Support.  Finding Peace.  Breathing and Moving.   Where do you live?   Silence.  Building love.  Finding joy.   Choosing from reality.  Being human reveals meaning.